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September 24, 2012


Ofelia Bertrand

In addition, you should also make the house sparkle. Clean all areas of the house inside out. Polish the furniture and fixtures, replace the worn rugs and wash the dirty windows. Most importantly, wax the floors: make it shinier wherein the buyers can almost see their reflection. A clean and refreshing look of a home has a big factor for homebuyers.

Lorrie Sermons

All buyers are always looking for a home that doesn’t need a lot of repairs once they moved in. So, to increase the salability of your home it would be better that all the necessary repairs and maintenance are being done before staging your home. This could create a great impression for most buyers and they will most likely put your home in the top of their selections.

Lance Valenzula

And the last step is to talk to an agent. A real estate agent will help you to decide on techniques and ways to sell your property with a fair offer. He/she can give you a variety of options with this matter. Since agents are educated and experienced in this field, he/she would be able to give you tips, and help you go over the rules and regulations in regards to better purchasing and selling agreement. But remember not to make any transaction, unless you are sure you full confidence with that agent.

Petra Forbes

When it comes to real estate, confined and dark spaces are no good, so as much as possible, make your home brighter. If your home construction blocks the flow of natural light, go for open floor plans. This entails merging your kitchen, living, and dining areas to make an illusion of open room.

Kristopher Washington

Indeed, first impressions last! It is very important to take note that buyers will only make one visit to your home before they say yes or no. That's where preparation through maintenance and repairs comes into play. Start from the exterior because this will be the first thing your potential buyers will see. Your list will be a great help! :)

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