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August 23, 2012


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Extreme cold weather, changes in the temperature and precipitation are hard on concrete roads. Add rain or snow to the mix and you have a pothole just waiting to happen. When concrete is exposed to extreme cold it can crack, leaving the way clear for moisture to get in and causing the concrete to expand and deteriorate and develop holes that need to be repaired.

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Thanks for posting! I recently had my back patio repaved, and stained and I have been loving it. It looks beautiful and I am so happy with the decision I made. I will certainly refer back to this article when I need to repave my driveway. Great article.

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Whitney Williams

I found this really helpful! Thanks for the information. WE just has a asphalt repair in Seattle and I am really impressed with what they did.

Bill Shields

I need to keep up with my (http://www.lakeridgepaving.com/website/index.php?tab=services) asphalt repair. I haven't been doing that in awhile, and my property in Seattle has been showing signs of negligence.


Thanks for sharing your pics with us. I was going to try doing it myself as well but my wife wants me to hire a company to do the asphalt road repair in Minneapolis.

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There are a lot of different roads around where I live that have a lot of construction going on. I hope that the road gets paved soon so I don't hit any potholes. They can be very annoying and hard to get rid of. http://www.andreasconstruction.com/res.htm

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