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January 24, 2012


Darius Degross

Hahaha, I suddenly remembered the day when my wife and I began looking for a new home. =) Yeah, it's nerve-racking and complicated at first, especially when you're applying for a loan. But with the help of our family and friends, our struggles paid off, and we now own a stunning house.

Randy Robinson

Assessing your finances is the most difficult factor to settle when you are looking for a home. It is difficult to strike a balance between the home you want and the money you have on hand. And, Darius, how's your home now? Getting a new home means having to prepare and manage a lot of things – you have settle down as quickly as possible so you can concentrate on other, more important matters.

Kelly Ciancio

One way to make sure that you won't over-spend is to analyze what you and your family need. You should consider how big your house should be. You might get attracted with bigger and grander houses, but understand that choosing a house is more than just fulfilling your aesthetic preferences. The blog presents a systematized guide in choosing your dream home, from planning to decision making. Just be consistent with your plans. If you specify that what you need is a bungalow house, you have to stick to it, and most especially, stick with the budget.


In my opinion buying a home is a real headache and painful thing, it will be always a better solution to repair your old house instead a buying a new one!!

Bergen County NJ Real Estate

It sounds like a long and somewhat daunting process. I am excited to buy a home in the future, but I am going to wait as a bit to save up. Thanks for posting!

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This weekend I had the opportunity of not only meeting but working hand in hand with an amazing woman who has an enonormous heart and is a winner in her own right.


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I'm seeing new homes for sale where I live in Calgary all the time. I'm looking to get my own, but at the same time I know it's a stressful decision. Thanks for sharing the process! It helps a ton! http://www.houseandcastle.com

Tyler agent

Thanks for the post, and me and my wife are looking at wanting to buy a new home. But we don't quite no where to look. And with the homework that we've done so far we've come across http://www.themoranisteam.com any thoughts or suggestions on them?

Sean Carter

It really can be a stressful time. I know going into my experience looking for houses for sale in NJ I was worried and stressed, then I found some wonderful homes and some even better help. It made the process a dream come true

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